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Legal Notice



Any information collected by Page One Entertainment, either on their own or on behalf of Hero Bot Con, will be used exclusively to inform patrons of future events that are similar to Hero Bot Con. No personal data will be shared with any affiliates of Page One Entertainment or any outside parties.


By purchasing tickets or attending events, patrons agree to understand this notice and grant Page One Entertainment permission to contact them in the future.


If patrons do not wish to be contacted regarding future events of a similar variety, patrons may opt out at any time by emailing info@pageoneentertainment.com with the subject line: "DO NOT CONTACT".



Terms of Service






Privacy Policy









Page One Entertainment and Hero Bot Con do not condone or permit the sale of unauthorized materials at our events. Properly authorized materials are those which have been preapproved by the license holder for sale at our event and do not infringe upon any copyright or trademark laws.


Exhibitors, Vendors, and Guests agree to abide by these guidelines or face immediate expulsion from the event.




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